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Low Voltage (12V) Halogen Cabinet Lighting

Each fixture comes with a 20 watt
halogen bulb that lasts up to 4,000
hours and has twice the output of
incandescant lights. Here is an
opportunity to make your own custom
system and save a bundle. Each fixture
may be surface or recess mounted.
Made of high durability, heat-resistant
plastic. All units are UL and CUL listed.

#08820 Brass Finish - $8.95 ea. | 5+ $7.95 ea.
(12 Available)

#08822 Chrome Finish - $8.95 ea. | 5+ $7.95 ea.
(3 Available)

To make the low voltage lights work,
you need a transformer. Our 60 watt
units will supply up to 3 of the 20
watt fixtures. This is made easy
with the power block, illustrated
below. Merely plug the desired
number of lights and the transformer,
into the power block. Connect the
power cord into a standard 110 volt
outlet and you're done. If you need to
have one of these lights a little further
away, we offer a 12 volt 4' extension
cord that also can plug into the
power block.

Everything justs snaps together.

#08824 - 60Watt Transformer - $17.95 ea.
(4 Available)

#08825 - 12V Power Block - $1.99 ea.
(15 Available)

#08826 - 12V Extension Cord - $1.99 ea.
(10 Available)

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