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LIGHT WHERE YOU WANT IT! These battery powered LED lights are self-stick and easy to mount where desired. Merely, tear off the 3M label and apply to a clean dry surface. You don't have to use them that way, Or, leave the 3M label on and put one in your purse or back-pack & always have a ready light source. Press the lens to turn on and off. Batteries are included. In normal use they should last a very long time. The bulbs will last 50,000 to 100,000 hours. 3" on each side x 7/8" thick.
#08877 - LED Light - $5.49 ea | 5+ $4.99 ea
Get a Easy Mount LED Light #08877 - ($5.49 value) FREE with the purchase of $50.00 in merchandise. One Freebee per order & Must be requested and shipped with that order.

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