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User & bystanders should always wear Safety Goggles when hammering!
MAGNETIC TACK HAMMER High quality products. Hardwood handles. One of our finest by Vaughan, 5 oz square head. 10 1/2" L. magnetic split one end. Most Popular! 30% OFF SALE - $8.99 Pkg (15 available)
#26005 - $12.95
HI-VISIBILITY TACK HAMMER Lifetime Warranty from Great Neck. Moulded composite handle with cushion grip & 5 oz square head. 11" L.magnetic split one end. Imported. A very well made hammer, but lacks magnetic attraction for tacks Over 55% OFF SALE - $3.79 Each (4 available)
#26006 - $8.95
VAUGHAN UPHOLSTERY HAMMER Polished forged head, 5 3/4" long with magnetic end. Genuine hickory handles & securely wedged for permanent tightness. 7 oz. 30% OFF SALE - $13.99 Pkg (1 available)
#26177 - $19.99 ea
TACK HAMMER WITH CLAW This hammer has a magnetic strike face & long thin claw for tack removal. Hardwood handle. Made by Vaughan. 5 oz square head. 11" L. 30% OFF SALE - $12.49 Pkg (5 available)
#26018 - $17.95
VAUGHAN STRAIGHT CLAW HAMMER 10 ounce hammer, a better weight for larger upholstery tacks. American made quality with genuine hickory handles and assembled with patented "living wedge" for permanent tightness. 30% OFF SALE - $8.99 Pkg (5 available)
#26009H - Straight claw - 10 oz. - $12.89

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